Play and create slideshows with files of different formats



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MediaGun is a useful player with which you can see all your files from one viewer, regardless of their format. It is compatible with almost 50 different formats.

Thanks to MediaGun, you no longer have to convert your files to view them together. This is the perfect tool for when you want to view files of various formats like AVI, JPG, and BMP together without having to convert them first.

You can use the software you normally work with, maintain the original file format, upload files of different extensions, and create slideshows without worrying about format compatibility.

How does it work? All you have to do is find the folder you want, select the media files you need, and generate your presentation. Then you can play it on any computer, whether MediaGun is installed or not.

Upload, play, and share your files quickly with no conversion or compatibility problems.

- New resources and complementary codecs
- Plays YouTube and Flash content
- Optimized performance for Windows Media and QuickTime HD
- Supports video in Blu-ray


15-day trial version

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